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Created on 2009-05-07 07:18:29 (#309540), last updated 2009-06-29 (430 weeks ago)

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Name:fuck yeah G.Way!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:All Things Gerard Way


The premise of this community is simple. To share anything related to singer/comic book author/artist, Gerard Way.

Rules (as of 5/7/09)

1. This community is for posting things like, pic spam, graphics, icons, news, signing dates/experiences, etc; Macros and the like are fine too, because it's okay to have fun. That's what the community is for!

2. Unacceptable posts are things that contain menacing/flaming or overtly derogatory comments about Gerard, members of the band, girlfriends/wives/etc; Threats and things like 'That bitch lyn-z R sew fat!' will not be tolerated. If I find you posting anything in that vein, you will be warned and if you persist, you will be banned.

3. THIS IS NOT A RUMOR COMMUNITY! Posts with things such as 'I heard from a friend of a friends boyfriends cousin that Gerard once fapped to fury porn' are not acceptable. HOWEVER, if you are seeking help or confirmation of a release or signing date, for example 'Has anyone else heard anything about a signing at Forbidden Planet on the 14 of May?' are fine.

(Please note the rules will be adjusted as needed since this is a new community. Please be patient as we go through the appropriate changes.)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns or are interested in becoming an affiliate please PM one of the mods:
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